Equipment Checkout:
Equipment can be checked out or reserved from the Technology Commons desk. Reserve equipment, a room, or a computer station online Full list of equipment, stations, or rooms:

  • Boardroos
  • Classroom
  • Conference Callers
  • Dell Specialized Stations
  • Digital Cameras (various models)
  • External Hard Drives
  • GoPro Camera
  • Headphones (various models)
  • iPads
  • iPhone Chargers
  • Laptops (Dell XPS’s and Dell Latitudes)
  • Mac Specialized Stations
  • Macbook Chargers
  • Memory Card Adapters
  • SD Cards
  • Tripods
  • Universal Chargers
  • Voice Recorders
  • Webcams

Due to demand and inventory, item availability is not guaranteed. Please create a reservation to help us provide you the equipment you need when you need it. Checkout duration varies by item, and items can be renewed, depending on availability.

3D Printing:

  1. Getting a Model
    The Technology Commons staff can assist with helping you get a printable model, even if you have no prior experience of 3D scanning, modelling, or printing. Talk to the Technology Commons staff to get started.
  2. Submission
    Create a ticket with the Technology Commons staff to have your model entered into the queue. The staff can give you estimates on time and cost, as well as inform you of available colors. Online submission is coming soon.
  3. Printing
    Due to the 3D printing queue and the duration of the print job, please be patient for your job to complete.
  4. Pickup
    Once the job is ready, we’ll contact you. Come to the Technology Commons and pay for the cost of the job and pick up your item.

Digital Literacy