The 3DU has recently had the opportunity to partner with Hugh Jack and the Coulter Faculty Commons to bring 3D Modelling to faculty and staff of WCU. Dr. Hugh Jack, department head of Engineering and Technology, offered a two-session course in 3D Design through the Coulter Faculty Commons. The course was held in the 3DU and gave faculty and staff the opportunity to learn how to setup and print items on a 3D Printer, and how to use design software to create 3D printable items.

Session One of the course explained the basics of Cura, a 3D Slicing software, and how to setup and operate a Lulzbot mini 3D Printer. Participants had the experience of downloading, slicing, and printing a 3d model in the Technology Commons 3DU Makerspace. Session two focused on the basics of 3D Design using Google Sketchup. In this course, students learned how to design and prepare a model for 3D printing, as well as the basics of how to check the integrity of design for 3D Printing.